Rabu, 18 Februari 2009

Aptera The Future Of Vehicle

The new inivation have been developing any time by the scientist. They did it to discovery new something that can helping people to get a better live. Its not only on health area, but in every thing. The new one is on outomotif.

The most economize and peaceful of vehicle is dreamed of every one. But who can creat it. Mr. Steve Fanbro and Chris Anthony repalying it with the new finding, that is Aptera.

Mr. Steve Fanbro always thinking how to increase the economize of oil fuel for her car. “ I allwys thinking how to use the oil fuel more economize by lessening resintance, but what vehicle doesn’t have it, and after many time doing research I finding Aptera”. Mr. Steve said.

Aptera is dreamed vehicle all of the people,it’s the most economize,peaceful and chepest vehicle. Mr. Steve Fanbro and Chris Anthony is the actor of Aptera. Mr. Steve Fanbro and the team who work on the biotecnology company,spend their time to research it. Mr. Steve getting inspiration about Aptera,based of vehicle space on the cartoon movie “ The Jetson”.

Aptera owning form as like a half of egg, with three of wheels and two of chairs, so its like a modern scooter. The weight of Aptera is about 680 kg and each a litre of oil fuel can pass throught over 42 km. “ It’s the revolutionary of car “ Mr. Steve said. Aptera is build from materials of fiber lightest as use on the speedboot. On this year Aptera will be developed to be a big car with four of chairs. Google.org ( a part of google group ) have rendered $ 2.750.000 for Aptera project. Mr. Paul Wilbur as Chief Executive of Aptera project, had claim that 4000 people have get aline to have Aptera.

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